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U-WAVEPAK-BW 1.0.3. Software for PC

Mitutoyo Bluetooth® U-WAVE
Easy wireless communication using Bluetooth®. This interface allows measurement data to be loaded directly into your smart phone‚ tablet or PC without a receiver.

  • For PCs U-WAVEPAK-BW (download here)
  • For smartphones/tablets U-WAVEBAK-BM download from App Store or get from Google Play

Download Mitutoyo Driver Download

Software and Updates Download our software and updates easily and conveniently. 2D CAD-Drawings Download a a range of 2D CAD drawings of some of our most popular products. 3D CAD-Drawings Download a range of 3D-CAD drawings of some of our products. Mitutoyo Brand Communication Materials Resources for Mitutoyo staff and external suppliers. Mitutoyo Version FlexUSB Driver is the latest in USB data collection.Mitutoyo FlexUSB is a combination of HID and VCP connection to the USB port of your PC. The HID will send readings to your PC instantly as if you typed on the keyboard.

Mitutoyo Driver Download

Note: For operating U-WAVE Bluetooth Transmitter is required

Download Mitutoyo Driver Tool


U-WAVEPAK 1.022B Software for PC

Download Mitutoyo Drivers

Mitutoyo U-WAVE the interface for transmitting measurement data to your PC.
The wireless specification is IEEE802.15.4 base and the range of wireless communication is up to 20 m.
Note: For operating U-WAVE Transmitter and U-WAVE Receiver is required

Mitutoyo driver download



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